In 1995 Tina Guillory began the Carrier Company in Norfolk. With the same self-sufficiency with which she initiated her gardening business; and equally as a gardener herself, she saw a need for what would become the first Carrier Company product: the Classic Carrier. Realising she had no means to produce it, it only seemed logical to seek out someone local who might need or want work as a maker. Nearly two decades later all Carrier Company products are still made the same way: by hand and in Norfolk.

Inspired by tradition, the environment and the requirements of those who live and work there, Tina continues to lead the design and curating process as well as sourcing materials. Patterns are cut here in the shed at Church Farmhouse, and all the products are made by hand in other home enterprises found within ten miles of Carrier Company’s home in Wighton. Sandy, Malkit,Jenny, Katie, Doreen and Naomi do the sewing; Barbar packs and dispatches and when she isn’t pattern-cutting, Mel is co-ordinating all activity from design through to quality control, picking, packing, dispatch and of course customer service.

The use of local skills is only part of our environmentally conscientious production. This approach extends to the use of traditional, natural materials for bags and clothing: sailcloth, drill, canvas, wool and jute, which in turn allows us to make things that can be used again and again and will only look better with age. Not only are these elements key to our ethos and who we are, but this process allows us to remain quality- driven and flexible. Some goods can be made to order which enables us to entertain custom requests- if you want extra long leather handles on a bag or a different colour than is advertised, then we can do it. Similarly, producing goods in this way allows us to constantly try out newer materials and designs when need or whim arise which in turn helps us to continually improve our products whilst quickly responding to customer feedback and demand.

Tradition and heritage inform our products but function and form drive the design ahead of any sentimentality about the past; and although we strive to change and improve, Carrier Company is happy to remain a family business committed to making products of the highest quality for its customers. With that in mind, we always love to hear from you with thoughts, ideas and requests; call us, email us, or if you’re in Norfolk we would love you to drop by for a mardle. As they like to say round here.